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Building My Portfolio

Posted on November 19, 2017

There is something about having my daughter that has inspired me to do more. I have always loved photography and have been doing a gig here or there the past two years. Lately, I have been thinking, and feeling more motivated than ever to actually make this business work.  On the other hand, I also see myself climbing up the consulting food chain into some sort of executive role (ah, dilemma). Nevertheless, both paths are worth pursuing for now until I get a clear sign of which path is working for me. I believe it will happen organically and only time will tell… Which ever path I follow, I will need a portfolio, a vision, and a purpose. Whether it be an impressive resume or a beautiful online portfolio, both…


Featured Mompreneur: Jessica

Posted on October 17, 2017

From late night sewing sessions to managing business operations, running a business in the fashion industry can be a lot of work. Meet Jessica, owner and designer of Laura Faye and mompreneur, who does it all, with each leather clutch and accessory carefully designed and hand-made with care.   Jessica always had a love for fashion, she earned her Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandizing and a Master of Science in Business Industry Training from Old Dominion University (ODU), which paved the way for Jessica to operate a fashion business.  In March of 2013, on her birthday, Jessica launched her business – Laura Faye. For three years, she was operating her business part-time. It wasn’t until 4 months ago, when she decided it was time to run her…


When the Start-Up isn’t Starting-Up

Posted on September 26, 2017

“One of the hardest actions in life is patience. It tests loyalty to your goals and endurance while you wait for positive outcomes” – Mohammed Dewji Is your start-up taking a while to actually get started? Perhaps, your business is busiest during specific seasons. For me, I started a photography business and with living in the city amongst so many wanna-be photographers, the competition is getting a little overwhelming. I am averaging 1-2 gigs per month which is good for now with a small child. However, I wouldn’t mind only 1-2 gigs a month but with a nice rate, ha. While the business is slow, I thought of some things to can do in the mean time to ensure I have the best service when business starts to…


An Idea

Posted on September 6, 2017

I started this blog to add a little creativity to my life and share my experiences and ideas with others. I love when I receive input from others, it kind of lets me know that someone is listening, ha. So thanks! Today, I am writing my first post about entrepreneurship. I am actually currently experiencing my first few weeks as a momprenuer as I re-launch my photography business. I am always so inspired by people who come up with a great idea and start a small business by doing so. For instance, there was a mom/optometrist on Shark Tank who invented the “sleep styler” for busy moms who still want their hair to look nice with little no effort. The sleep stylers are made from a towel-like…