About Cassandra

Cassandra is a proud mother of one, and a happy wife. She loves sight-seeing, photography, writing, calligraphy, and soca music. She comes from a multi-cultural background, with one parent originally from Scotland, and the other from West-Indies. image-1

Cassandra is currently management consultant in Washington, DC for a successful firm, supporting business and technology integrations. With over six years of experience in the federal industry, she has a wide range of experiencein¬†geospatial engineering, strategic communications, data analysis, and technology management.¬†Cassandra also served six years in the Army National Guard. She recently graduated from Georgetown University with a Master’s in Technology Management, and also holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology.

In her blog, Cassandra discusses career development, the working-mom lifestyle, leadership, as well as technology and business strategy.

Seeking inspiration through personal experiences and networking, Cassandra hopes to inspire, motivate and empower others.