Hello Stranger

I noticed that the annual fee for this WordPress account was applied to my credit card. Instead of getting mad at myself for not cancelling this, I decided to look at my old blog posts and reflect. I was impressed by some of my blog posts – not to toot my own horn but some of the topics and interviews were interesting. I enjoyed my blend of technology management posts and motherhood. Having a child was a major change in my life, and this type of life event changes how you approach your career moving forward. So, I believe many women could relate.

However, I stopped blogging because I thought I sucked at it. I also stopped because I thought no one really wants to read about this. I went to an event for bloggers a couple of years ago and they mentioned that I need a more targeted audience. I can’t write about motherhood and work/business. You have to pick one. However, I thought that was a bit odd because there are many women in the world who do both and that is okay. This same person also snickered and said it was more of a diary. Then again, they were young and single and more than likely just didn’t understand. I also wasn’t getting much validation. Not many follows, not many likes, no one really asking me how it was coming along. After a year or so of trying, I eventually gave up but here I am – back at it again.

Anyways, I stopped blogging because I was a little discouraged to say the least. However, after discovering the fee on my credit card, I hopped back onto my site. I stumbled across a comment on my final post and this stranger gave me words of encouragement. This nice stranger also said, “I can’t wait to read more”. I thought to myself, “wow, someone was reading my stuff?” If only stayed at it a little longer I would’ve have noticed this comment earlier. Words like this mean the world to bloggers. I think this was all I needed to hear. Since I received that comment, I suddenly wanted to start writing again. I have grown, and learned so much over the past few years, that I have a lot more to share.

It is so easy to compare ourselves online. We compare ourselves to other bloggers who may have more followers and seem to be doing quite well blogging. For me, I just like to write. I don’t have a plan to make a business out of this. My plan was simply write and share knowledge and experiences and the number of followers I have should not change that.

So, if anyone is reading this and ever feels discouraged. Just know that someone may be reading your blog posts and ENJOYS it. Also, if writing makes you feel good – do more of it! Don’t compare what you love to do to other people’s success. You don’t have to turn everything into a hustle – it can be a hobby. Other bloggers may have a different goal in mind.

You may find that you don’t like to do what you once loved as much, when you do start comparing yourself.