Gadget Reviews: Potty and Sleep Trainers

Potty Training Watch

Potty training takes a lot of time and dedication, not only for the child, but for the parents. We may have a lot going on between parenting, work, and housework so we may not put as much effort into training as we may think. I discovered a potty training watch, which was small enough for my toddlers wrist. Parents can set the alarm for every 30, 60, or 90 minutes. It works as a friendly reminder for parents and the child to sit on the potty. I used it on the weekends mostly, and it creates a habit for children to use the potty more often. I found that the watch in combination with a training potty that has music, or flushing sounds worked really well. However, I do recommend that you turn it off at night because it will keep going off. 

Sleep Training

My daughter received a Lilltle Hippo Mella for Christmas. She doesn’t really have any sleep issues, and falls asleep at the same time each night. However, what I love about this clock is the beautiful night light. It comes with sleep sounds and also works as an alarm clock. Other than that, my daughter doesn’t pay much attention to it to be honest. She likes the night light, and when the clock is smiling.