Woman in Tech | Stephanie Blondet

Meet Stephanie: Web Developer and Business Owner

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By day, Stephanie works with designers to create beautiful web applications as a developer. In the evening, she is the Technology Director for a non-profit, Global Girls Give. You can also find her managing her beautiful Instagram Account, being an awesome dog mom, hanging out with her fiance, or managing her online store! How does she do it all? Well, let’s find out.

How Stephanie Became a Web Developer

Stephanie moved to Washington, DC from Puerto Rico to work in the Marketing Industry as a Graphic Designer. She holds an MBA, and comes from a family of business owners. However, three years into her career as a graphic designer, she realized she loved building websites. So, she attended an intense, full-time, coding camp at General Assembly in Washington, DC. She wasn’t working while attending this program, so she was determined to find a job after this program!

“You have to be aggressive when applying” Stephanie advises. Stephanie started applying for roles before graduating, and secured a position early!

Don’t be shy, Network! Stephanie networked online, and conducted various informational interviews, met people for coffee. She put in a lot of work to get to know people in the technology industry.

Happiness is key.  After working several years a graphic designer Stephanie realized that she wasn’t completely fulfilled. So, she took action, and did something about it! Now, she gets to focus on developing for a living she explains, “It doesn’t feel like work, I love it. I love my company, I love my team.”

After Work, She Works Some More

“My Google calendar is my best friend. I put everything up there. From when I will be working on things for Global Girls Give, to hanging out with my friends.” Stephanie does a lot and it is quite impressive how she manages to remain so consistent with all of her tasks outside of work.

As the Technology Director for Global Girls Give, Stephanie is working on their website, and on a team that is working to build an algorithm that matches mentors with mentees! The non-profit just started last year and Stephanie feels proud to be a part of this movement. She met the owner on Instagram, so networking really worked out for Stephanie!

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