Don’t Forget About the WHY

hello-i-m-nik-795728-unsplashThe art of generating business ideas is exciting. Each idea gives us a little bit of hope, that maybe our lives will change when the idea becomes reality. However, if you are like me these ideas never really go anywhere. For me, the hardest part of becoming an entrepreneur is just picking an idea, sticking with it, and going for it.

If you are in this situation, don’t forget about why you wanted to start a business in the first place. Is it for the money? Are you really passionate about this idea? It is always nice to picture ourselves at the end of the journey – Founder of <insert company here>. However, it is the journey that we often don’t picture. The journey filled with stress, the tears, and sleepless nights. A lot of successful business women we see in the media worked for years to get to where they are but I bet you they all just started with an idea.

I had to think deep and do a little soul searching. Why did I want to start my own business? I work at one of the top consulting firms in the world, and I make decent money. So WHY go through all of the stress? WHY give that up? For me, I want to make millions. Probably not the most inspiring answer but even if I don’t make millions, it is just something about learning about start-ups and other female business-owners that just inspires me.

So, how do we figure out what our “WHY” is?

Well, it is easier said than done. Not only do you have to think about why you want to be an entrepreneur, but also think about your business idea and why it is important to you and your future customers.

So, give it a try and answer the following questions:

  1. Why do you want to be an entrepreneur?
  2. What problem are you trying to solve?
  3. Why is solving this problem important to you?
  4. Why is this problem important to others?
  5. Who are you helping?

Without a vision, we are left with just ideas, scribbled in a notebook in the back of our minds somewhere. Left for us to wonder. With a vision, you can create a plan. From that plan, we can put it into action – one step at a time our idea becomes reality.