Foldable Phones, Flip Phones, and More

Big cell Phones are Cool

While attempting to keep up with the latest tech news from CES 2019, I discovered that there will be a “foldable phone” trend. Samsung, LG and Huawei are launching a foldable phones. After reading about this, I soon heard that even Motorola is hopping onto the trend with its revived RAZR for up to $1500. I actually heard of this “foldable phone” trend first on Wall Street Journal’s podcast as they highlighted events at CES 2019. I didn’t have a picture of reference for this idea, and the first thing I could think of was, “okay, so are we going back to flip phones?” After I arrived at my office, I was curious to learn more and discovered that it doesn’t technically flip, but instead, folds like a book.


Foldable Samsung Phone

To be honest, I wasn’t sold at first. I guess it is one of those designs that I would need see in my hands for myself. However, on another note, I love the fact that the we are moving forward new designs. By having a phone that can fold in half,  this means that our screen size can double, and users can use their phone like a tablet. In a way, having a foldable will give users more functionality than a traditional touch-screen phone by having the ability to unfold into a tablet.

My iPhone has remained relatively the same for years, but yet the price just keeps increasing. The phones can cost more than a thousand dollars now, but yet the design is relatively the same, in my opinion.

Is it time to start experimenting with new designs? What more do we want from our cell phones? Do we need to move from the rectangular touch screen device? Part of me wonders if the iPhone will ever reach the size of an iPad and we will just walk around talking on our giant tablets because some conduct so much on cellular devices.

For me, I would love a better camera, and perhaps larger keypad buttons? I type so much but fat finger some of my words from time to time. My brand of choice, for now, is iPhone but I would love some more design options to choose from.


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash