My Vision for the New Year

As I was flicking through the pages of People magazine, I stopped to stare and admire a picture of Michelle Obama in her iconic yellow dress, paired with some ultra-sparkling thigh-high Balenciaga boots. Yes, love this pic! So, I found myself looking for a pair of scissors to cut this image out for future vision board. To be honest, I have never created a vision board in my life, but I always knew that I wanted to glue clippings of inspiring women onto mine when I had the chance. This photo of Michelle Obama inspired me because it was captured from an event where she was discussing her latest book (I am currently reading it!). It was a successful year for her with her book and tours, and she came out to shine.

My husband walks by with a smirk on his face, looking at my clippings in confusion with a slight judgmental look in his eyes. I explained to him that they are for my future vision board, then I had to further explain what a vision board is. “Oh, so you want to be rich like Oprah?” he said, as I clipped a picture of Oprah. Actually, no that wasn’t why I was cutting it out but whatever this is my vision board, and I can stick what I want on it, ha. I can probably list many adjectives to describe Oprah and many more reasons why I like her, but I think the main reason why I like her so much is because of how much of an inspirational woman she is – to many. Anyways, I found myself clipping other photographs that caught my eye, such as a house, some home décor and organization inspiration, food, to some girl working out. I even clipped out some words and phrases.

I guess putting this all together, my vision for 2019 is that I am coming out to shine. Not so much in $4000 boots and best-selling book like Michelle, but I want to focus on my appearance a little more, strengthen my leadership skills, and work on my home. I also envision tasty family meals prepared by me, and I also hope to carve out more time to work out. You know get up work out a bit, go to work looking fly, crush it, come home, be a cool mom who makes good food etc. I guess that’s a big vision but step by step. In 2019, I am focusing on cooking lol. I want to make Sunday dinners a little more exciting, and memorable for my daughter. So, I did cut out a few dishes that looked tasty.

I will be honest, I felt a little silly cutting out the pictures and explaining why I was doing it to my husband. However, after I explained it out loud, it made so much more sense. All my thoughts, ideas, plans, and goals that were floating in my head have transferred onto my board. Now, these images are a representation and visual reminder of what I would like in life.

Have you ever created a vision board? If so, what kind of images do you use? Do you have any books or videos that you love to share related to this topic?

Do you prefer to use something other than a vision board? If so, please share in a comment below!

Thanks for reading!

Happy New Year