ServiceNow Exam

I recently passed the Certified ServiceNow System Administrator exam, yay! So, I just wanted to share some resources and tips that helped me pass the exam.

ServiceNow is a cloud platform that is used by thousands of companies across the world to help manage their services such as IT services and HR services. It is actually really hard to explain what ServiceNow is without digging seeing an example for yourself, so feel free to explore their website. Also, when you enter the ServiceNow world it is hard to stop talking about it, ha! That’s just how awesome it is. Get ready.

On the Job Training

The most valuable experience I received was on-the-job training through a ServiceNow implementation. We were replacing the legacy IT Service Management system with ServiceNow. I had to quickly learn the systems limitations and benefits to the customer, which ultimately prepared me for the exam. Nothing really beats hands-on, real-life, experience. However, if you do not have the opportunity to work on a ServiceNow project you can download a personal instance on and you can practice configuring and developing your website from there. It’s free!

ServiceNow Training

I completed two courses offered through ServiceNow – ServiceNow Fundamentals and the ITSM Fundamentals. With each course, I received an eBook, which were the most useful for me. Not did the eBooks help me with my current implementation, but they also helped me prepare for the exam. Most of the ServiceNow terms are defined in these books, and I highly recommend studying the eBooks after the training.


ServiceNow now requires you to take their training before you can take their exam, so you can not skip that and go straight to a vendor like Udemy. However, this was a great way to supplement the training I received. It was nice to hear another perspective or listen to someone else explain topic. I was a little fuzzy with some terms such as UI Policy, Data Policy, Records, Tables and others. After listening to the course I purchased, then returning to the eBook, I felt a little more confident with what ever questions ServiceNow may throw at me.

The Complete ServiceNow System Administrator Course has about 11 and a half hours of video and it was worth purchase.

Quiet Time

For the first time since college, I went to the library. I visited the public library in Alexandria the morning before the exam, and it was actually quite relaxing. I didn’t have any distractions. My emotional toddler was not there to mess with my laptop and seek attention with a meltdown. I also didn’t have to get up every ten minutes or so to cater to her like I normally do. I actually got some solid studying in and it felt amazing. I didn’t have to get up once! I honestly believe those last few hours before the exam saved me. If I didn’t go to the library before the exam to study, I don’t know if I would have been so confident with my answers.

So what’s next? The System Administrator Certification is the gateway to other certifications like certified developer or implementation specialist. I wouldn’t mind taking the implementation specialist exam next and passing it!

If you plan on taking the exam, I hope you have the opportunity to get some hands-on experience before taking it. Remember, there is a lot to study so take your time and make sure you really understand what the system can do before taking the exam.

Good luck!