Five Coding Camps that Could Change Your Career

I was listening to my coworker’s story of how coding camps changed his life, and became a developer. His story was quite inspiring. He earned a scholarship as a veteran, and with sheer dedication and endless nights of studying, he completed his coursework and earned himself a job as a developer.


Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

So after hearing that, I decided it was time to learn something new. Every project I have been on, we were always looking for more skilled JavaScript developers. After feeling inspired, I figured I could expand my skills a bit more and get back into coding. So, I decided to investigate a few bootcamp-style programs for myself. During this search, I was looking for a program to learn software development, preferably online, instructor-led, maybe intermediate-level, and part-time due to my busy schedule being a full-time working mom.


Below are just five of the many schools that I investigated, however, there are many more out there!

Udacity offers a wide variety of coursework from virtual reality to intro to JavaScript. The courses offered through Udacity are great if you want to learn something specific or you can go the more intense route and earn a Nano-degree in development. When you purchase a course, you do have the opportunity to have your resume reviewed as part of their career services. Most of the courses in this program can be completed part-time (about 10 hours a week)

Investment – Free and Up (around $500)


Bloc offers a self-paced web developer track and they also offer a designer track if you are interested in that.

Investment – $7,500 cash upfront for 8 months of tuition/Monthly Payment Plan/or finance through skillsfund.

Flat Iron

Flatiron school is based out of New York, but they do offer an online developer program and an online data science program with a free bootcamp prep course. They also state on their website that they have a 97% job placement rate and can be completed part-time.

Investment – $1500 a month (12K maximum). They also have scholarships that you can apply to which will cut the rate in half.

Code Platoon

This code camp targets veterans, it is 14-weeks long in Chicago, or online. They have scholarships available and they are now G.I Eligible! (hooah) You will also need an apple laptop to participate in this camp.

Investment – $13,000

Grace Hopper

Coding school for women in partnership with Fullstack Academy

It appears that they have an extensive network, which would come in handy when looking for a position upon graduation. They offer an in-depth full-stack java program but requires an intense time-commitment and have excellent career resources.

Investment – Tuition is $19,610, paid in nine monthly installments after you begin work as a developer. There is $3000 deposit required upon enrollment to secure your seat in an upcoming cohort. However, you pay for the tuition after securing a position as a developer.

Fullstack academy also offers a remote immersive software development program but it also requires an intensive time-commitment.

If you are interested in a new career, or need to build your resume, web-development can open doors. Many programs offer scholarships, or they can be financed through Skillsfund, and some are even GI Bill eligible. Keep in mind, you need to be 100% committed to learning when you sign up for one of these programs – they are quite the investment of time and money. They are also not cheap, so choosing the right school, that will help find a new position should take some time and research. No point in spending more money just to be in the same position!

I just thought I would share this information! Maybe you are thinking of more flexible work, or even remote work? Perhaps, coding could take you there! A good place to start is with some of the bootcamp prep courses that are usually free, or with some entry-level JavaScript courses on Udacity!

Thanks for reading!