I am Beautiful

If you aren’t already, now it is time to ‘hype yourself up’ more often. Remember the hype-man at clubs and concerts, who is full of energy, even when no one is really dancing? He remains on stage, hyping up the artist, DJ, and the crowd throughout the night. You can be that hype-man full of energy, even when people around you, or even yourself, may doubt you. You can do this each day with affirmations. This will help clear the mind of negative thoughts, eliminate low-energy, boost your confidence, and put you back into a positive mindset. Confidence does not mean you have to act like you are better than the next person (that would be cocky). Hyping yourself up starts from within and having confidence in yourself to be the best that you can be.

As a consultant, I am often feeling as if I have so much more to learn, perhaps I am not as good enough as the next consultant, or maybe I need another certification to add to my experience? It doesn’t help that people are always looking for fault, or looking for something to criticize, because it can be competitive at work. However, as a mother, I often feel like it is so rewarding when I look at the big picture, but it can also be quite a thankless job. Knowing when I am doing something right, and killing it, makes me feel so confident and empowered. So, I have learned to flush out the negativity, with words that remind me of who I am, what I am good at, and how to take the criticisms for face value and not take them to heart. This is where my inner hype-woman comes in with affirmations to remind myself that I am killing it, and my goals are possible.

Photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash

You can be your own hype-man every morning, when you tell yourself, “I am beautiful. I am talented. I am strong, I inspire, and my confidence empowers me.”

Or even when you remind yourself, “I am blessed, with a beautiful child, who loves me no matter what.”

Below are three examples of when you can be your own hype-woman.

1. Before interviews

List your experiences, certifications, education, training courses, positions, and accomplishments days before the interview and go over it daily. That way if the interviewer asks you about your past experiences, you have a whole list memorized of all the great things you did. Remind yourself of how awesome you are.

2. Before networking events

Knowing who you are and what you are confident in, will make networking a breeze. People will remember you and may even contact you or refer you to someone else, just because of your expertise. Confidence can go a long way during networking events.

3. After a bad day at work

Colleagues getting you down, or trying to fill your head up with negativity or their harsh criticisms? When you get home, tell yourself how awesome you are.

Sometimes, all we may have is ourselves to pick ourselves back up, and that is okay! So, I hope you will start to think of why you are amazing, what you are going to accomplish, and remind yourself every day, with a positive affirmation!

Until next time,

Get hype!