When Enough is Enough and it is Time to Quit

I knew it was time to quit. I was at my lowest point in my career. The physical environment and leadership style was just taking a toll, and enough was enough. I made up my mind – it was time to move on and quit. I dedicated a few evenings to applying to jobs, setting a goal of ten a day. My daughter needed a happy mother, not one who was scared to go into work each day, just to be treated like she was nothing. I received an offer letter and turned in my letter of resignation right away.

Each day, I reminded myself of the great things I have accomplished in my previous positions. This helped when talking to recruiters and hiring managers.  I must admit, it was difficult interviewing for positions when I was at an ultimate low because it was easy to forget the great things I had accomplished. It is important to remember why you were hired in the first place – because you have skills and experiences.

When I was experiencing a toxic work place, and then got sick. I realized how much this company cared – they didn’t. So, that was my breaking point and I quit. Why stay loyal to a team that does not give a crap about you? You spend most of your day there, why not make each day a positive one?

Below are some examples when enough is enough and it is time to quit your job and move on

1. You are sick and tired.

No, you are literally sick and tired. You don’t recall getting sick this often and wonder if it is something in the air. Perhaps, there is something in the air or the office environment is just really disgusting. However, long-term stress can cause sleep problems, anxiety, and even depression. Only you can stand up for you and your health, so it is time to move on and get better. If you are sick for a few days and your boss does not ask how you are doing but wants to know the status of a dumb task that anyone else could do – it is time to move on. He either doesn’t realize that you are gone or just does not care about you. Either way, it is time to go.

2. It is all you complain about.

Your loved-ones pretend that they are listening as they nod and maybe even roll their eyes a bit. You have been complaining for months, yet you are still there. You may have even thought about seeking therapy. If so, it is time to move on.

3. You no longer care about your appearance.

You have no idea what your hair looks like under that messy bun. You forgot how to even apply makeup and don’t even know where your lipstick collection is. Sometimes you tell yourself, why even bother getting dressed up anyways? It is time to move on.

4. Your brain is draining from your ears.

You are so bored because you are not using your brain, and you often tell yourself that you didn’t major in so and so, and graduate with a master’s degree for this. Let’s face it a job is a job, but if you are not working towards your full potential, you are going to get bored. Boredom in the workplace can be dangerous because our minds wander, and some of us may think too much. You may even be at the point where you are extremely sad about your career and thought that everything you have worked hard for was a complete waste of time. It is time to move on.

5. Time is moving slow.

It is only nine o’clock and you have finished your tasks for the day. You have no meetings because your boss keeps rescheduling your one on one meeting. You ask for more work and your boss says that she will get back to you. It is ten o’clock and you have already finished your lunch. So, you finish your day thinking about what’s for dinner then find yourself staring at your friend again – the vending machine. Thinking about where you would rather be. If you are spending more time daydreaming about what you could be doing with your time – it is time to move on.

6. You cried.

You have often cried. You left your previous job for something you thought would be better and realized that the grass just is not greener on the other side. Your boss is manipulative, does not give any feedback, is not open for collaboration, and often moves projects around without explaining why. Maybe the work environment is too competitive, and people claim your work or have tried to sabotage yours. The lack of leadership transparency, manipulation, and excessive micromanaging in an office will drive anyone insane. Toxic leadership will trickle down to all employees. Clients will see it, and it will affect on the overall product or service.

7. You are not yourself.

You are tired, sick, perhaps gained a few pounds, or even lost a few too many. You no longer engage in things that you used to love. Your family say that you have not been yourself lately, and you know why. It is time to move on.

I know it is hard to move on, but don’t you want to be happy? Think about when you will only have two weeks left in the office because you will be moving onto something better.