Three Infant-Friendly Indoor Playgrounds in Northern Virginia

In the beginning, it was easy to entertain my child. I could go for a walk somewhere, anywhere, and she would love it. Now that she is mobile, and loves to play, I have to find more interesting things to do with her. Particularly on a rainy day, when walking isn’t that pleasant, indoor playrooms are a great place for her to burn some energy. She could play in the house, but I am one of those people who likes to get out of the house for a bit on the weekends.

I conducted a general Google search to find an indoor playroom. Many of them offer classes for her age but they were typically offered during the week – during working hours. What I was looking for was either a class or open play that I could take my 10 month-old daughter to on a weekend.

After conducting some research and visiting some playrooms, I would like to share three indoor playrooms that are infant-friendly, with weekend availability.


Captured at Nook

Nook, Arlington VA

I love this place because they have open play on the weekends. This is perfect because, I am a slow mover on the weekends and being able to show up when I can, is a plus. The open-gym with weekend availability is a great perk for working parents who need somewhere to take their infant outside of working hours. The play area in here is made of wood, with a ball pool filled with pearl-like balls (that my daughter loves), and it is very modern. As well as a play area, there are several “nooks” filled with different toys and activities, from trainsets to dress-up. One tip for this open-play option is to book it at least a week in advance on their website. They fill-up quickly. This place is perfect for my daughter as it was quiet and chill.


My daughter loved the ball pool

The Little Gym, Various

This gym has a lot of classes to offer for various age groups. There are parent-child classes offered on the weekends, which is great because not a lot of places offer weekend classes for infants. They are typically during the week, during working hours. This gym has padded everything, with lots of room to climb. I actually held my daughter’s first birthday party here over the weekend, and the staff were great! As a result of their exceptional service, I am curious to see more and would love to take her to one of their classes.

My Gym, Various

This gym is colorful and very padded like the little gym. The infant classes are offered early on the weekends, with many more options during the week. If you are an early riser on the weekends, this gym may be for you. What is cool about this gym is they have a rope swing. My child is still too young, but it looks fun!

If you know of any more please share your thoughts and experiences. Thanks for reading! I hope this helped. This was not an ad, just some honest research and experiences in Northern Virginia!