Apps That I Found Useful During Maternity Leave

I want to share some applications that I found useful while I was on maternity leave. I was very busy with the baby, and extremely tired. So, things like walking the dog, grocery shopping, and going to the gym were difficult to complete while everyone was out at work. 


During my pregnancy, I read blogs that shared advice on preparing plenty of food before the baby arrived. Needless to say, I was not that prepared. Actually, I didn’t think it would be too hard to cook with a new born. It wasn’t until after a baby I realized why they shared this advice. I was tired, hungry, and very busy with the baby. The last thing I wanted to do was go to the grocery store with a small baby. If you are anything like me who sometimes waits until the last minute to do things,  try a grocery delivery service. Grocery shopping while apartment living has its hurdles, especially when you end up carrying all that you can just to prevent a second trip upstairs.

Recently, I used Amazon Fresh, and was happy with the service and quality of products. One tip for grocery shopping online: create your list before browsing online. Get a notebook and pen, then go through your cupboards or recipes to see what you need. When your list is complete, type in each item in the search bar as you work your way down the list. It will save you a lot of time.

Dog Walker

Dog walking is expensive, but during the first few weeks it can be hard to get out the door – especially with a baby. Using a dog-walking service, the dog gets a good walk and still feels loved while you take care of the new baby. I was in a situation where my dog wanted to go out usually while I was nursing my child or doing something that limited me from going out.

There are plenty of apps, I live in the Washington, DC area so, I used Barkly; it is an on-demand dog walking service. Also, as they walk, you can see their route on a map. After the walk is complete, the walker sends you a summary of the walk, and sends a picture. (Please, use this promo code: cass1894 and get your first walk for free!)


Joseph loves going for long walks.

Food Delivery

So you don’t feel like making food, tired of the food in the house, or jsut want something different? Food delivery apps may not be your best friend if you are trying to lose weight, but why not treat yourself to a nice brunch? My favorite was Uber Eats because a lot of my favorite local restaurants in the city are available on this app.


I have two apps that I LOVE.

1.      Sweat by Kayla

I highly recommend this fitness app by Kayla Itsines because I love the design, it is well put together, the workouts are great, and there is even an easy cancelation option if you need it. There is a post-partum course available, and the first phase helped me to strengthen my hips. I had no idea how weak legs, abs, and hips would be after having a baby. My daughter also got a kick out of me working out in the living room, and would watch and laugh at me. This app also provides healthy recipes, video instructions for each move, and helps you  set weekly goals. 


Screenshot of Sweat by Kayla

2.      Gaia

Gaia a channel that is available on the Amazon Fire TV. They have workout videos, yoga, dance, and meditation videos. I enjoyed the meditation videos because it helped me relax while my daughter napped. 

Thanks for reading!

If you are on maternity leave, I hope that you are able to try one of these apps. Enjoy your time with your little one and take care ❤