It is my birthday month and I am officially 29 years old. Thanks to Facebook and the many posts on my wall, I remembered how old I am and that it was actually my birthday. For some reason, I almost forgot! I have never been the type to make a big deal about my birthday but this year I just had so much going on with all the days merging into one. So much happened while I was 28. I was reflecting on the past year and realized I went through many changes!

Firstly, I became a mom! I have a beautiful daughter with the funniest laugh that makes me smile so much. She is amazing, growing everyday, so funny and bright. Having a child is life-changing. My fiancé and I, love our daughter so much and we are happy parents! We moved into a larger place together and it feels nice to come “home” to my cute little family.

I also graduated from Georgetown University with a Master’s Degree in Technology Management! It was a long road and the last year was not easy! Attending class pregnant until 1030 at night, when all I wanted to do was eat and sleep was rough but I was determined to finish! When she arrived, I finished my last class, the capstone course, while taking care of a newborn. Now, that was a challenge! I did my work at night when she slept the most and then slept-in a little later in the morning. I am also so happy that the class was offered online. On top of earning my giant diploma, I received one of the “Most Inspiring Women in Technology” Tropaia Award. I have never really won anything before and I was so flattered and proud. Oh, and I earned my project management certification.

Year 28 started with a big change. On my birthday last year, I made a slight career change from Geospatial Analytics to Management Consulting. On my 28th birthday, it was my first day at the largest company I have ever worked for. I wanted to widen my experience and skill-set instead of focusing on geospatial information.

Now I am 29! I have re-launched my photography business. With the help of my technology management degree, I learned some business management fundamentals as well as developed an entrepreneur spirit due to the many projects that we had to develop in class. Using my learning experiences, I hope to gain more clientele for my photography business and find my niche. I also hope to gain more followers on this blog where I will continue to share my experiences as a typical management consultant in Washington, DC as well as my life as city mom!

Thanks for reading!