An Idea


I started this blog to add a little creativity to my life and share my experiences and ideas with others. I love when I receive input from others, it kind of lets me know that someone is listening, ha. So thanks!

Today, I am writing my first post about entrepreneurship. I am actually currently experiencing my first few weeks as a momprenuer as I re-launch my photography business. I am always so inspired by people who come up with a great idea and start a small business by doing so. For instance, there was a mom/optometrist on Shark Tank who invented the “sleep styler” for busy moms who still want their hair to look nice with little no effort. The sleep stylers are made from a towel-like material. It was funny watching her demo with the giant rollers in her head but they seemed like a really good idea. I also have friends who have turned their passions into something bigger – from non-profits to small consignment shops. It is amazing to see people you know starting their business. In some upcoming posts, I will share some “mompreneurs” on my blog and share their story!

What I love most about business ventures is that you can create your own goals, values and purpose for your own company. You call the shots and you run the show. Now, for some, that can be a scary thought but for others, it may sound like a dream come true. As a mother, a flexible schedule, working from home would be nice. So why not try to create that? A business venture that enables you to stay home during the day would be awesome! Thanks to technology we can sell goods, offer services and earn extra income all from our own home – which is perfect for moms! However, depending on where your passions lie, staying at home may not be an option but at least you are following your dreams and passions.

So if you’re thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, ask yourself the following questions:

What am I good at and how much more am I willing to learn?

Why will people want to buy my product or use my service?

What problem am I solving with this product or service?

Where do you see your business in five years?

It is also a great idea to scope out your competition and come up with a business plan to get a rough idea of how much money you will need to start and maintain the business. It all starts with an idea, then some motivation and dedication.

Good luck!