Bored at Work

Let’s face it, work can be boring depending on the project and a dry spell may enter you career leaving you extremely bored at work. Perhaps you are working on a new project and suddenly regretting it due to lack of interest. Maybe you are lucky and have no idea what I am talking about because your job is awesome, ha! Well, this post is for people who may be bored at work and hoping for more of a challenge.

I was suddenly regretting my new position when I discovered what it really entailed and how I was no longer maximizing my skill-set or education I worked so hard far. I was a little weary at first but decided to try to make it work before making any drastic decisions.

Below are a few steps I suggest to take when you notice signs of boredom at work.

1. Stay Positive. It is easy to fall into the trap of negativity when you are bored at work. Pointing to the negatives more than the positive things that are happening around you can lead to very sad days at work! Try to stay open-minded and more opportunities may come your way…

2. Strategically ask for more work. Let’s just say you want more experience in a certain area. You have to strategically ask your boss for more work using this skill-set in way that it benefits the project. If you propose the idea in a way that it will add value to the project, client or company then you will have more of a chance that your suggestions will be acknowledged. Strategically offering suggestions places you in a situation where you can develop new skills and take lead in new area and your manager will benefit from doing so.

3. Start networking.  I know you here this a lot in the consulting world but networking is important. Get to know what other projects are happening at your particular site and also get to know the people around you. You will expand your network and your office will be more pleasant with new people around to chat to outside of your project. On top of that, you will get a feel of what else is out there within your consulting company.

4. Process Improvement. Take a look at current processes, procedures and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s). Is there room for improvement or updates? Hey, it is something to do.

5. Give it another month or two.  It is tough hanging onto a job that does not excite you but sometimes, projects do get better, especially if they are in the early stages. Also, if you are a mother, long-term projects are more attractive because the next project may change your commute, it may mean finding a different day-care and much more.

6. Discover what you really want.  Before you make any sudden moves, find out what you want from a career first. Find your passion, take a few self-development courses, read a few career-development books. Really take the time to focus on you and from then you can plan out the next steps and create some goals.

7. Do something outside of work. So you have discovered what you have a passion for. Now is the time to join a meetup with like-minded people, start a blog or join a professional network. That way you can meet people who are working in your field of interest and get a fair understanding of how to enter this field and what you need to do.

8. Move on. After some self-reflection and discovery, you may realize that it may be time to move on from your project, or career altogether. Your boos didn’t give you more work as promised, you are still not motivated, you would rather be with your child before you waste another minute in the office. Before you come to this decision, ensure that you have a concrete, steady exit plan. Having a child means that we now have someone who is looking up to us and relying on us for support. So, it may not be as easy to just move onto a new job or company without truly weighing the pros and cons.

If you have more ideas or would like to share your story, please comment below!

Good luck.