Making Baby Food

img_3190My daughter is loving stage one baby food. She loves carrots, pears and sweet potatoes!

It is exciting when your baby is finally ready for baby food! It is so cute when they try different foods for the first time! Whether you decide to make your own food or use jarred food, it nice to do a little research first! I purchased the book below to help me with making my own food.


The first step is deciding when is the best time to make the food and then developing a time-saving schedule! Right? When do you have time to make this food while working Monday-Friday and taking care of an infant? For me, I make mine on a weekend and I make enough to last my daughter a week (which isn’t much when they are tiny) and I freeze it. I also spent a lot of time deciding which baby food maker to buy. Do I want one that steams and purees? Do I want the cute little baby bullet? Or do i just want to buy a regular kitchen food processor? After thinking about it for a week or two, I decided to go with the cheaper option which was a small food process by Kitchen Aid. It is not bulky and doesn’t take much counter – top space. So I just steam the food in a separate pot then add it in!
Some other tools that I found useful in making baby food are apple slices, vegetable peelers, freezer cube storage and small glass jars. Don’t forget soft spoons and lots of bibs!

So, I don’t want to give the impression that I have it all together and make all of her food because I don’t. I buy jarred food as back up just in case I do not have time to make more food. I personally like the organic food by Beech Nut (Only tried stage one so far) because I looked at the ingredients and I noticed that they had the least extra-stuff out of all of the options that were available. In fact, the stage one Foods only contain one ingredient according to their list on the back of each jar. It is also exciting when you can find these on sale, he he. Overall, it is quite simple! Steam and blend. I have found that roasting some of the ingredients lead to a better tasting puree but it takes longer. Also, making my own food does help save a little cash.

Have Fun!