Return to Work


After taking 17 weeks of maternity-leave, I learned two things:

  1. It is tough being a stay-at-home mom taking care of a baby.
  2. It is also tough leaving your baby at daycare.

So, I returned to work and I was, “on the bench.” If you are in the consulting world, you will know that this is a time for employees to find a project to work on. I enjoyed working at the home office vs. client sites because there were many events going on, free breakfast in the morning as well as their free Starbucks machines and so on and so on… I guess there are some perks.

This was my first time on the bench and I was nervous. The kid beside me didn’t help because he told me about how he has been on-the-bench for three months. It was actually a little stressful applying to projects and being rejected once or twice for either not having enough of their required experience or having enough experience but not at the right-level etc. The week of rejections, adjusting to being a working-mom, missing my child, getting used to scheduling pumping sessions in between it all was just quite overwhelming. Needless to say, I felt a bit hopeless. I was only on the bench for a week and a few days but it felt like for ever ha!

How was your first few weeks back at work after maternity leave?