Working-Mom Life

I was definitely a go-getter. I believe you have to have some level of go-getter-ness to make it in DC. With this being said, kids never really came into my mind on my career path that I visioned. While I didn’t have a set position or job in my mind I knew I just wanted to find a good company and move up the ranks.

I have often heard that successful women remain single, men are intimidated by successful women and babies can end a woman’s career. As a woman, a mother and a future wife, I do not believe in any of that.  However, as I have entered a new chapter of my personal-life, I can admit it is a little more difficult in the beginning when you are adjusting. For instance, if you are a part of a large consulting firm like myself, you often hear the word “network.” Now this can be difficult when they end up being happy hours after work when you have a child to pick up before they close. It is not a bad thing, this just means you have to find new ways to network, charity events, volunteer and my company is always participating in 5K run/walks.

So… it has been a month since I returned to work and I noticed one thing. I joined a secret club. The mom club. If anything having a child made me more relatable to others. I have made some work-friends just by mentioning that I have a new daughter. On top of that, I was invited to joint a mothers group at work which helps us find remote work!

Oddly enough, there are many single women without kids who may feel that a mom can not do a great job or they believe kids means the end of a career. This is where they are wrong and need to open their eyes a bit. There are plenty of mothers at my firm, many of them are managers, some of them are executives but at the end of the day they are all mothers and still enjoy a successful career.

We just have to believe in ourselves, stay strong, stay motivated and stay on-track with our goals.

This post was a reflection on an article that was shared on a special interest group at work. Feel free to read this article from Fortune and share your immediate thoughts!