Big City Moms Event 2017

Big City Moms hosted a big baby shower event in Washington DC. I attended the event and received a giant bag with a lot of free goodies including yummy snacks. I am currently looking to upgrade my stroller and I figured going to an expo would be the best place to find the latest strollers. I was impressed with many products that I was able to experience and would love to share my thoughts on them with you. The top products I was most impressed with were:

  1. Mutsy Strollers
  2. Bugaboo Strollers
  3. Mrs Thinster’s Cookies
  4. SNOO – a smart crib

The first two products are strollers. What I loved most about the Mutsy stroller was that it was sleek, stylish and a decent price! There is a bassinet option as well, which is great if you have a small baby who loves to sleep while going for walks.

The bugaboo strollers are amazing! They are so compact! However, they are a little bit on the pricey side for me. I really like their new butterfly design and I love how their strollers are perfect for people who live in the city. It is not too bulky and there are options to turn the stroller into a high chair for when you want to stop and grab something to eat.

In my giant bag filled with samples and snacks, I couldn’t help but love Mrs. Thinster’s Cookies which are made with simple, wholesome ingredients. The cake batter flavored cookies taste so good!

Last but not least is the smart crib, “SNOO”. This crib has a modern design, with mesh, breathable siding. It was amazing to see this crib in action as it gently rocks. This product is a prime example of technology meeting comfort for babies. It is innovative with the thought of comforting the baby as well as providing comfort for the parent. It was displayed using a life-sized doll baby. However, it would be nice to see if it really works on a fussy baby, such as my own! It is currently priced at $1160 dollars online. So, it is definitely an investment. However, if you are up all night and have tried everything to get your baby to sleep for more than 5 minutes without being fussy, you may think to yourself, I wonder if that SNOO actually works….

Thanks for reading! I hope you check out the links to the items for yourself and tell me what you think!